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  • Reason for safety
    Simple, Intuitive Design
    Focus on What is Important
    Works Like Apps at Home
  • Global
    Multi-Lingual - Auto Translation
    Global Data Centers
    Works where you work
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    Image 1
    Observations are a Snap
    Mobility first design
    Offline enabled
    Highly Configurable
  • Optimized for Field
    Observe with Mobile Device
    Supervisor notified in real-time
    Feedback sent to observer
    Reinforce your safety culture
  • Site Analytics Real Time
    Identify leading causes
    Act swiftly for effective response
    Provide feedback via mobile device
    Reinforce your safety culture

Optimized Design

Designed for a field worker to ensure the ultimate ease of use, fast, intuitive, simple and effective.

Highly Configurable

Mobility first design. Customers can configure any feature, create multiple question sets, multi-lingual support out of box

Offline experience

No connectivity, No problem. The users continue to perform their observations. The app will synchronize when it regains connectivity without losing data.

Intuitively Simple

Feels like a natural extension of the field worker. Simple, intuitive design makes it adaptive & efficient.

Download from the App Store Download from Google Play

Download the app from your favorite store and Augment Your Safety Culture Through Mobility


Safety should be native to the field worker. Multi-lingual support. Choose language on the fly.

Creatively Adaptive

Ask specific questions for a scenario based on the worksite. App adopts to your requirements.

Simplicity by Design

Large buttons allow field workers to interact easily, capture data quickly while staying focused on task.

99% KeyboardFree

Uses the latest technologies available in smart phones that minimizes the use of keypads while maximizing ease of use.

Runs on popular devices

Runs on iphones, android and windows phones. Simply download from your favorite store.

Focus on user experience

Field apps must understand the field worker, their environment and balance it with safety, security and reliability requirements
hse2go develops mobile apps focused on the field worker experience. We strongly believe that mobile apps must act like a natural extension to a worker's daily activities. By using a mobile first design approach, challenging traditional concepts of capturing data, we are

able to create apps that are simple, intuitive and 99% KeyboardFree. Try one of our apps, and you will be hooked.
We have developed safety based apps that augment traditional methods employed by organizations.
We also build custom developed mobile apps that transform mundane manual processes into competitive advantage.

Innovative solutions that excite the end users at work by bringing the same experience they have in personal lives.

Unique Features

  • Works online or offline without user intervention.
  • Customize app for each location and/or scenario
  • Exception based reporting enabled by default
  • Focused on field worker experience with simple, secure and intuitive design