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Perform RigSite Safety Inspections

  • hse2go Safety App
    OSHA RigSite Safety Inspection Forms
    Upload Reports to Secure Cloud
    Efficient, Easy, Effective
  • All OSHA Rigsite Forms on Mobile
    Mobility first design
    Offline enabled
    Reinforce your safety culture
    Upload to Secure Cloud Platform
  • Optimized for Field
    Auto Fill Options to Speed Data Entry
    Change Font Size, Save Data for ReUse
    Add Pictures, Notes, Signature
    Save Header Information for ReUse
  • Site Analytics Real Time
    Identify leading causes
    Act swiftly for effective response
    Provide feedback via mobile device
    Reinforce your safety culture


Rigsite Inspections

Mobility solution to transform safety audits and inspections. Don't fill a form, leverage smart devices smartly.

Redefined Experience

Save Data for ReUse, Change Font Size. For a change, experience an app that adapts to you.

All Rigsite Forms

The App is pre-configured with all 24 forms, with all headers, checkboxes and options.

Realtime Analytics

Supervisors analyze data and provide feedback in realtime. Algorithms allow you to focus on what is important.

Natural Experience

Smart phones are smart, our apps leverage them smartly and deliver a user experience that is natural and simple.

Leverage Technology

Smart use of latest technology, like Secure Cloud Storage, GPS, Signatures, Camera, Notes, Less Typing, ReUse Data.

Media Ready

Take pictures, video and audio. Configure to not allow any of these features. The app adopts to you.

Latest Technology

As mobility technology advances, the app will be updated at least quarterly. Subscription based model gives you the flexibility to keep the app evergreen.

Optimized for Field Worker


∇ 1. Site/location
∇ 2. Training, ppe & general safety
∇ 3a. Mud pump area
∇ 3b. Mud mixing area
∇ 3c. Mud tanks & pits
∇ 4. Material handling equipment
∇ 5. Generator area & electrical systems
∇ 6. Fire protection
∇ 7. Fuel & other flammable liquid storage tanks, including frac tanks, & non-flammable storage tanks
∇ 8. Pipe rack area
∇ 9. Blow-out preventers
∇ 10. Derrick & substructure
∇ 11. Drill floor area
∇ 12. Power and hand tools
∇ 13. Hoisting tools, hooks, bails, elevators and other related equipment
∇ 14. Stairs, ladders, handrails & guardrails
∇ 15. Workover rig vehicle
∇ 16. Hotwork, welding & flame cutting operations
∇ 17. Specific over water operations
∇ 18. Confined spaces, excavations & hazardous environments
∇ 19. Perforating operations and use of explosives
∇ 20. Special services

Unique Features

Rigsite2go is a simple app that has transformed how we audit our rigsites. There are multiple features that simplify the experience for the field workers.