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Capture and Report Safety Observations

  • hse2go Safety App
    Safety Observations On The Spot
    Upload Observations to Supervisor
    See Status and Feedback On Reports
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               are a Snap
    Mobility first design
    Offline enabled
    Highly Configurable
  • Optimized for Field
    Observe with Mobile Device
    Supervisor notified in real-time
    Feedback sent to observer
    Reinforce your safety culture
  • Site Analytics Real Time
    Identify leading causes
    Act swiftly for effective response
    Provide feedback via mobile device
    Reinforce your safety culture


Safety Observations

Mobility solution to transform safety observations. Don't fill a form, leverage smart devices smartly.

Highly Configurable

Configure each feature for every location or same for all. For a change, experience an app that adapts to you.

Unlimited Scenarios

Unlimited configuration for each scenario, ask relevant questions, get observations in a way that matters.

Realtime Analytics

Supervisors analyze data and provide feedback in realtime. Algorithms allow you to focus on what is important.

Natural Experience

Smart phones are smart, our apps leverage them smartly and deliver a user experience that is natural and simple.

Multi Lingual

Take observations in Spanish and view results in English, automagically. Users can download the scenarios in the language of their choice.

Media Ready

Take pictures, video and audio. Configure to not allow any of these features. The app adopts to you.

Latest Technology

As mobility technology advances, the app will be updated at least quarterly. Subscription based model gives you the flexibility to keep the app evergreen.

Optimized for Field Worker


Unique Features

hse2go is a simple app that has transformed our behavior based safety program. It is not a form on a mobile, but works like a commercial app that engages the field workers.