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About Us

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Our FOCUS is the mobile worker. We design our products with "Mobility First" concept. Instead of converting traditional IT systems and trying to fit them into a mobile device, we design the user experience on the device first.

Our MISSION is to ensure that the mobile worker leverages these apps as a natural extension of his work, not an additional burden.

Our GOAL is to ensure that the mobile experience for the worker is simpler than a paper/pencil process. This allows us to deliver apps that transform your mundane, repetitive tasks into a competitive advantage. Ask us how and we will show how you can leverage our apps to transform your mobile workers while increasing process efficiency, eliminating redundancy and positively impacting your organizational objectives.

Our Solutions For Your Business

Manual redundant processes in the field ?

Our mobile apps transform your manual processes into competitive advantage.

Entering data multiple times ?

Our apps upload data directly into your systems or our secure cloud. Never enter the same data again.

Working in areas with no connectivity ?

Our apps are designed from the ground to be fully functional offline. Auto synch data when connected else store on device.

Our Value Add For You

Transform mundane into effective process
Eliminate paper with realtime
Observe, Analyze, Act, Notify = Transform
Reinforce your objectives